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Hi, I’m Ty and I’m passionate about helping diverse mid-career professionals seeking new roles:

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Designed for mid to senior level career professionals, the APPLY>INTERVIEW>OFFER online course provides a strategic road map of the end-to-end job search process & the step-by-step guidance to provide you with the best chance of getting offered your dream job at the salary you want & deserve in as little as 4 weeks! 



Lesson. 1: Clarity and Precision Goal Setting


Lesson 2: Personal Branding
Lesson 3: Executive Pitch
Lesson 4: Effective Networking Skills
Lesson 5: Quality Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles


Lesson 6: Interview Mastery
Lesson 7: Virtual Interview Strategies


Lesson 8: Salary Negotiation Strategies
Lesson 9: Offer Determination Techniques
Lesson 10: Course Summary Review


Real People > Real Results 

C.V. Mid-Career Professional laid off who had 30+ interviews before joining the program
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“Ty, really helped me out. She’s been wonderful throughout this whole process. She really challenged me in a way that was really beneficial. And she Ty hit the nail on the head. It’s when I started really telling the story of what I did at work the way she described is when it really started working. That is when I was getting a lot more traction in the interviews. Once I started using her frameworks, that is when I started seeing that the interview interactions were different. Here frameworks were really helpful and the examples I gave were stronger.”
J.C.W, Mid-Career Professional laid off due to COVID-19 who had never negotiated her salary before joining the program
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"Ty, I did exactly what you said. I went back to the notes from your training and I remembered what you said: don't leave any money on the table...companies are expecting you to negotiate. I negotiated my salary for the first time thanks to you"
L.O., Finance professional, MBA, ACA, CFA Level II Candidate who landed his first job & gained sponsorship
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“I applied Ty’s frameworks to structure different interview answers. She has useful frameworks that would expose anyone seeking to have a successful career in the United States. Ty helped me secure my first international job in the United States with a top asset management company.”
A.S., Finance Professional who landed a job after relocating across the country
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“Ty is a great coach. She helped improve my resume by choosing strong verbs and words to describe my experience. I learned how to highlight my abilities, skills and knowledge and talk about them during the interview as well as my transferable skills. She also taught me how to negotiate my salary. I never thought that I could negotiate my salary! I highly recommend Ty. "
J.H, Software Developer who landed his dream job after attending my interview workshop
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" Ty did a great job breaking down the job interview process and provided the necessary tips! With her help and massive amount of preparation, I am now eagerly awaiting to start my dream job."

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